Honestly, the coolest multiplayer game for your iPhone

It's energy, a matter of polarity, it's a matter of life and death. Hunt them all, throughout the energy world that surrounds you, for you can't live while your enemies survive.

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Zoot - a brand new game

We're talking about an amazing brand new action and strategic online multiplayer game for the iTouch-generation devices iPhone & iPod Touch. Choose your polarity, plan your tactics, move fast and start fighting, may you be the leader of your team!

Improve your skills and learn how to play with the offline tutorial. You may control the game by tilting your iPhone or using a virtual joystick in lower left corner of the screen. In order to learn faster go for the instructions slideshow.

The soft real-time server

We've been looking for a very much clever server. We wanted it faster than everything else. And we made it! We built it from the bottom up, the fastest server ever!

Up to 60,000 simultaneous users - 360,000 messages per second, server response time down to 40 milliseconds on a QuadCore AMD (8Gbytes RAM). Our products have the most powerful and fastest multiplayer soft real-time server that you can ever immagine.